• Translation of technical texts
  • Translation of journalistic and legal technical texts
  • Translation of Websites and business correspondence
  • Sworn translation of official documents (birth certificate, document of no impediment, custody declaration, registration certificate, passport, driver´s licence, marriage certificate and so on)
  • Sworn translation of school and university documents
  • Sworn translation of certificates of authority, residency certificates, recommendation letters and affidavits
  • Community interpreting for Spanish or Portuguese speaking clients
  • Proofreading of websites, flyers, product catalogues, festival brochures and programmes
  • Proofreading of contracts, electoral programmes, business documents and annual reports
  • Proofreading of magazines, handbooks and travel reports
  • Transcriptions
  • Revision of numerous theses, final projects (Mechanical engineering, Economy, Business information technology, Eventmarketing, German as a foreign language, Biology, Pedagogics)


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