Professional translations primarily focus on the transmission of contents and not only on the mere (and sometimes distorting) translation of single words. As a graduate translator I provide you with translations of high quality for Spanish and Portuguese.


  • Marketing
  • Economy
  • Renewable Energies (wind energy)


Sworn Translation

Do you want to marry? Or do you want to apply in Germany for an apprenticeship, at university or for a job?

As a sworn translator for Spanish and Portuguese I am allowed to prepare sworn translations of your documents, e.g.:

  • birth certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • passport, driver´s licences
  • school certificates
  • certificates of universities
  • certificates of no impediment

Here you can find the details.



The last German spelling reform has brought about many confusions on correct spellings. So it´s time to work with a professional because neither the project presentation nor the business contract should be full of mistakes if you want to leave a good impression. A second pair of eyes is always worthwhile. I always follow the latest guidelines of the official German language resource, the Duden.

  • Basic check of grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes
  • Stylistic optimizations
  • Target group orientation